Business Development

Broadgate consortium limited engages executives and consultants with a broad range of business experience as well as their compliance knowledge and skills. We all consider compliance to be “the best business facilitation Department” which means quite simply that we are happy to work with you, develop your best business practices to build a solid and profitable bottom line, which cannot be torpedoed by a Regulator chasing poor practices and perhaps referring you to enforcement.

These business development services include:

  • Introductions to other clients with whom you may work profitably.
  • Development courses for senior managers and Directors to make them comfortable with their regulatory responsibilities.
  • Recruitment and training for personnel engaged at the “coalface”

For selected firms exemption from regulation by becoming an appointed representative. This only applies to firms undertaking non-investment insurance business (general insurance) and firms that use some form of credit or instalment payment to facilitate their main business activity.