How to get the best from us

Every relationship has a fairly informal beginning, and we will discuss with you your short-term medium-term and long-term requirements, if we feel that we can contribute, you decide if that this is a practical and value for money solution then we are very happy to work with you.

We will provide you with our terms of engagement, a list of key tasks as we understand your requirements and the cost for a completing these key tasks. You will then know who we are, what we intend to do and what we will charge.

If we feel that a another firm, possibly one that we worked with ourselves can be a better service than we will take pleasure in introducing you.

It is always important for every client to be free frank and open with us, we will have provided you with a confidentiality terms of engagement so you will feel safe. Many clients have ” transgressed” some of the regulators requirements, albeit unintentionally, and we will be pleased to work with you to get the record squared away officially. Some of the information and advice that we provide may not always be palatable but we never shrink from our duty in providing you with hard information, when that is necessary..

Your points of contact

At the outset of the relationship you will engage with one of our executives or consultants, and they may well be your ongoing primary point of contact. Each consultant will work with a named Director who will always provide support and short-term support is included in the hourly rate for the consultant.

It is important to remember that Broadgate has access to a wide variety of knowledge skills and experiences, all of which are available to you upon request.


Even though the cost of non-compliance and breaching the regulators requirements can be enormous, we do understand that your choice of compliance consultants must prove value for money. When looking across the market, we feel that our costs and charges are probably pretty well in the middle of the road, we are not a one-man band practitioner, nor are we in enormous firm of solicitors (although we do work with many of these firms) and our charge out rate is fair for the level of skills engaged.


It’s obviously critical for every firm to make all of their team. “aware” of anti-money-laundering and terrorist financing and for this reason we can run a 3 hour module, and work with your MLR O so they can deliver similar modules to new members joining your team. Although the regulations state that failure to refresh your AML training annually can cause your MLR O to be imprisoned for 14 months, (this has never happened). It is an important element in your staff continuing professional development. (CPD).

Experience as a team

Broadgate directors executives and consultants have a very wide spread of knowledge skills and experience from general insurance, wealth management, training and development, actuarial, legal, accountancy, MLR O and indeed extensive experience of working with firms that have been have been referred to enforcement and we have always managed pull the irons out of the fire.

If you would wish to explore the possibilities of working with experienced compliance partners partners, which prove value for money, and good people to make a profit with we would look for to hearing from you.