The 1st traunche of firms seeking to vary their permissions under the Credit Consumer Act (CCA) from interim permissions to either Limited or full permissions are suffering problems.  After four months experience the FCA report a record number of applications which are being rejected, the majority are very badly presented due to mis-understanding requirements.

To avoid problems, the FCA are recommending that firms download applicable documentation, study and practice even though their application period or landing slot is many months or even a year away.  The vast majority of firms would be well advised to accept professional advice, particularly from firms such as ours, a national consultancy with experience of more than 4,000 applications across 10 regulators and currently we are pleased to be working with the FCA on credit consumer issues.

For credit consumer solutions telephone our complimentary helpdesk 0845 612 1211, explain your area of interest and we will be happy to assist.

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