Broadgate Consortium Services

Broadgate has been established by working directors, all of whom have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the financial services industry specifically to serve the needs of the many businesses in the UK that use or need regulated activities, insurance products, warranties or credit consumer and financial products to assist their main business activities.

If you already use some insurance products, or you intend to use them along with some form of instalments or credit payments then call Broadgate. We are pleased to offer a one hour complimentary "discovery" meeting which in itself may well provide you with a number of answers, and if we feel that there is mutual benefit in working together, then that would be entirely pleasure.

Market Sectors Covered

Consumer Credit Regulations

Circa 70,000 firms have been impacted by the Consumer Credit Regulations, all of whom have had numerous communications from the OFT and the FCA and the majority of firms have now either got interim or full permissions.

We are pleased to offer all firms a consultancy service to familiarise them with their new responsibilities and how to work with FCA requirements to make the outcomes your best business facilitation department and the required standards your normal business practice.

We have a very strong and competent team to work with either directly authorised firms or firms that wish to become exempt, as an Appointed Representative (AR).

For further information please telephone 08456 121211 for a completely confidential and complimentary conversation.

As a Regulatory Consultancy we have always been a catalyst to attract specialist consultants and our culture is to respond to the needs of the market both in commercial terms and regulatory terms. As the regulatory regime develops we have developed our specialist services and market sector Consultants and we can now provide service to the following sectors:

  • Engineers and retailers that wish to offer extended warranties (an insurance product)
  • Retailers that require instalment payments to assist customers purchase
  • Professional service firms that may collect fees over time
  • Golf clubs or other leisure institutions that collect fees over time
  • Football clubs or sports clubs that collect annual fees, monthly
There are also 13,000 firms that had an OFT licence, but have not secured interim permissions. We would be happy to assist. Get in touch.

FCA Authorisation

One of our most popular services is to work with firms to achieve authorisation, and we have provided advice and assistance both directly and remotely to over 2,000 firms since our inception in 1996.

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FCA Exemption

As a consultancy we can work with you from authorisation throughout your career with regulated activities and if the regulator should intervene, work with you until we have the best possible resolution.

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FCA Intervention

Our strong recommendation would be for you to contact us as soon as you receive this initial notification; as an experienced consultancy who can take the stress and the strain out of the situation.

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